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Custom Kitchen From Stock Cabinets

How To Customize A Kitchen With Stock Cabinets!

Hi Everyone It’s me again, Zvi Greenheim, bringing you some helpful tips to create a beautiful look to your next kitchen renovation job.

First we were privaliged to start with a great design firm, SARAHJEFFERY’S who came up with the idea! We used stock cabinet boxes from Ikea We used our favorite cabinet maker, Alex of A & M Woodworking to fabricate custom zebrawood doors and drawer fronts, and custom zebrawood panels on the dishwasher, refrigerator and toe kicks The backsplash is a custom painted glass back splash White “Glassos” countertops and vertical cabinet legs …

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Medicine Cabinet Inside View

Today’s Medicine Cabinet – Fashion, Function or Both?

Back in the day when I first entered the contracting business, the medicine cabinet was strictly a functional storage cabinet for medicine and toiletries. It was traditionally constructed from molded plastic or was a painted sheet metal box with a mirrored door.

As technology progressed, and fashion and design evolved, so did the medicine cabinet.

Today they feature an array of options to suit individual needs and budgets.

Cabinets come in a variety of sizes and can be combined to fill in larger areas. Light fixtures can be integrated and doors swings are interchangeable to allow for flexibility. Cabinets can …

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Zvi Greenheim, President Cotel Contracting and Renovation

Why Good Clients Lead to Successful Projects

As a general contractor working on residential and commercial renovation in New York City, I get to work with many interesting and intelligent clients. That being said, general contractors sometimes get a bad rap, when it may be the client whom is not educated in the process of the job; “a little knowledge can be a bad thing.”  I recently read an article in Fine Homebuilding magazine,  “Why Good Clients Lead to Successful Projects,” which touches upon the involvement of the client, which may help in dealing with the contractor and architect, in relationship …

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