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Today’s Medicine Cabinet – Fashion, Function or Both?

Medicine Cabinet Inside View

Back in the day when I first entered the contracting business, the medicine cabinet was strictly a functional storage cabinet for medicine and toiletries. It was traditionally constructed from molded plastic or was a painted sheet metal box with a mirrored door.

As technology progressed, and fashion and design evolved, so did the medicine cabinet.

Today they feature an array of options to suit individual needs and budgets.

Cabinets come in a variety of sizes and can be combined to fill in larger areas. Light fixtures can be integrated and doors swings are interchangeable to allow for flexibility. Cabinets can be recessed, semi recessed or surface mounted. Many are mirrored on the inside and feature magnifying mirrors. Electric powered units feature electrical outlets, fog removers, back lighting and even television screens.

The box pictured here is fabricated from ¾ inch thick marble, with an option of a 4 or 6-inch depth.

This box was custom fabricated. The 3/8 inch thick glass shelves are supported by round discs that are installed on a threaded steel rod at four corners of the cabinet. This makes adjusting a shelf’s height a simple process.

This Upper East Side, Manhattan job was $4,100.00



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